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for some reason I dont think blonde looks good unless your roots are showing just a tiiiiiny bit (unless you’re naturally a very bright blonde).

am I the only one who feels this way? most of my friends (old and new) hate when their roots are showing, but I love it. 

Spent the day with my mom and my nieces. My oldest niece ran around collecting snails from the garden, and then she sat down to count and name them. She showed me one and said:
“His name is murder!”
I started laughing and then I asked her if she meant “courage” (because the Swedish word for murder sounds just like the word for courage). But she answered:
“No! Murder! Like when you kill someone!”

I really hate the camera on my iphone. and I really hate the people currently occupying the sofa next to me… I just want to be alone. 

(my hairline looks really weird… It’s not usually like that. I think…)
hi hello. 
i’m not sure if you mean birthday or if name day is a different thing but it sounds like a birthday

no no, it’s not my birthday :) in Sweden we have what is called namnsdagar (what I translated to name day because I dont know if there is an english word for it). almost every day has two names “assigned” to it (often one female and one male, but not always). those two names often has some kind of connection, it might be that they are female and male versions of the name, or they might have similar historic backgrounds and meanings, or they have some kind of connection through the bible or something. 
sometimes there’s only one name though, if it’s like some kind of religious holiday and only the name of some saint is “allowed”. I think we also have some days that dont have names assigned to it, so that everyone who dont have their name in the calendar doesnt feel as left out, you know. and I think we’ve had three names on one day at some point? I dont know, like I said my family has never really cared about these days, except for my brother. so I dont know much about them :P 

and today the names are Sofia and Sonja :) 


Every time I have a name day (is that correct? Sounds stupid in English xD) my brother sends a text at 00:01 just to be the first to congratulate me, even though no one except him even cares.
But hey, congratulations to me!

My face is like extra weird today. But for some reason I don’t care. It’s been a good day. And now I’m off to bed.
helloooo stupid-face. tired as fuck today.
(and I need to shave the sides of my head because I’m a fucking teddybear right now -.-)
today has been a weird day.
I just love how incredibly stupid and ugly Brody looks sometimes. Cats <3


I’m starting to hate almost everyone I meet.

I look like I’m 14. 

before, during, after. 
I think I’m gonna leave it like this for now. still not completely happy, but it’ll do.


me and Tomas at Rebellion last year. I dont know why but I’ve always thought I look like a giant in this pic.