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Anonymous asked: Happy birthday pretty lady! You're awesome. ^__^ To another year of being incredibly cooooool. B)

Yay I’m cool! :D *giggles* thank you so much! :D

Blahdiblah. Someone get me an entire toy store filled with awesome toys and cute stuffed animals for my birthday tomorrow and I swear we’ll be friends 4-evaaah.
Last day as a 23 year old…

Fina lilla krumelur jag vill inte bliva stur.

Anonymous asked: So I don't have any jean jackets, but will black sweat shirts work to modify?,

Well yeah of course. Everything can be modified. Just take whatever piece of clothing you want and do whatever you want with it.
You just can’t have as many studs on a sweatshirt as you can on a denim jacket. But that’s really the only difference between the two.

Good night tumblr!

Anonymous asked: What other music/bands do you like other than punk? I love your hair btw :)

first of all, thank you! ^^ secondly uhhh…I think I’ll just make a little list (I’ll try to make it short…) of some of my favorite non punk bands, and then maybe add a youtube link to one of my favorite songs by that band (in case people are curious or whatever) and a small description of their music :)
(most of the bands will probably be swedish…and indie pop)

The Beatles - (not putting up a link or description because come on, it’s The Beatles!)
Broder Daniel - swedish indie pop/rock - I’ll be gone
Anna Ternheim - swedish (according to wikipedia, since I couldnt decide on how to describe her music) Anti-folkAlternativeIndie rock, Blues - What have I done
The Ark - swedish pop rock/glam rock - It takes a fool to remain sane (the first song I heard with this band, when I was like 11, and it’s still the one that has affected me the most)
Billie The Vision & The Dancers - swedish indie pop - Come on baby
Belle & Sebastian - scottish indie pop - Get me away from here, I’m dying
Hemstad - my brothers friends old indie pop instrumental band - Patrik Sjöberg 
Jens Lekman - swedish indie pop - Sky Phenomenon, A sweet summer’s night on hammer hill
Kent - swedish alternative rock, indie rock, synthpop - Kallt kaffe
Navid Modiri & Gudarna - swedish reggae, pop, spoken word-ish - Det är inte lätt
Timbuktu - swedish hiphop, reggae - Resten av ditt liv 
Ted Gärdestad - swedish pop - Come give me love 

these are just some of the non punk bands I listen to, and choosing just one song to represent them in this list was fucking torture! 

good morning tumblr! 

Anonymous asked: You're so damn beautiful!

Thank you! :3

Feels so fucking good to not have weird, ugly pink/blue/white/grey-ish hair anymore.

veebat replied to your post: for some reason I dont think blonde lo…

bleach blonde with roots is one of my favorite looks

same here!! I just think it’s sexy somehow. (not on me of course, but on others)

shocksurprise replied to your post: for some reason I dont think blonde lo…

You are not the only one. My friends always point out people who need to re-bleach their hair. And I’m just like ‘I don’t know dude, i kinda like it…..’

haha, my friends do that too :P and I react the same!
I also get that a lot from people. just random people that I hardly even know (complete strangers sometimes) look at me and go “time to fix your roots maybe?” and I’m like NO fuck you I like it dont make me feel bad about my roots. 

Anonymous asked: Your pretty blue eyes are matching perfectly with your white blonde hair!

aww, thank you! :D

Anonymous asked: do you like marylin manson?

haha, yeah. that’s why I have a Marilyn Manson t-shirt on in my latest pics ;) I listened to his music a lot when I was like 16 and uh yeah, I still do. 

(“fun” fact: my brother bought me that t-shirt from a second hand store, because he thought it was funny or something. like, he thought I would either hate it or wear it for ironic reasons or whatever, but I actually loved it and he was totally confused because he never knew I listened to Marilyn Manson)

yup, I’m blonde again. 

Anonymous asked: Do you like any music that isn't punk? :)

yeah of course! :)

for some reason I dont think blonde looks good unless your roots are showing just a tiiiiiny bit (unless you’re naturally a very bright blonde).

am I the only one who feels this way? most of my friends (old and new) hate when their roots are showing, but I love it.