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c-stalk-rise reblogged your post I wore a skirt today. Which is weird. … and added:

where’d you find this skirt, its super cute!

thank you! I made it from a pair of jeans, and then bleached it :) 


me and Emily xD I shake my legs more than my ass…

Because anon asked for it. Me and Emily need to make a new one. I’m really not showing off my booty-shaking skills here. I can do so much better xD

Anonymous asked: Hey can you rebolg that gif of you and your friend giggling butts pls.

Sure thaaaang

Anonymous asked: But... Korn is awesome!!!

ok, random :P well, I’m sorry but I dont agree with you. Just not my kind of music :) 

I wore a skirt today. Which is weird. Because I hate skirts. And dresses. Always have. I’m a jeeeeeans girl.
So I think it’s safe to say I just doomed us all.

I decided that I wanted a Bikini Kill shirt, so I was all “this is gonna be so good people arent gonna believe it’s DIY”, but then I just started to mess things up and I didnt even realize it until it was too late, so yeah… Not the best result, but not the worst either. I like it (and oversized shirts are the fucking best btw, even if it doesnt suit me).

Anonymous asked: You are wonderful!

Why thank you! :D

Apparently I’m an ignorant, racist bigot.

It makes me so happy that there are people out there who are willing to take the time and educate me on who and what I am. It’s just so thoughtful and sweet of them!

Anonymous asked: I'm madly in love with your style!! You're amazing <3 :)

Thank you so much!! :)

fucking finallyyyyy the weather has gotten a bit cooler so I can actually put some clothes on and go outside and not die. 
Got a fishing glow stick from a friend and it ended up in my ear. Because why not. It fit.

Anonymous asked: What does korv mean?

Sausage! :D it’s my favorite word and my nickname

sewed on these old bracelets to the vest. I like the colors of the studs and the beads together.

Added and changed some stuff on the vest. 
I still like the front better than the back… but the back is catching up a bit.

Anonymous asked: You, Emily, Thomas and others ( I don't know their names, I'm sorry TT^TT) should go around the world dancing in different countries!

Oh believe me, we want to! We danced in Blackpool in 2012 but we forgot to film it x) we’ll see what happens this year :)