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I’v become adicted to rings. Especially big ones. It’s becoming a problem. I mean, I’ve even taken 4 rings off in this photo…

Anonymous asked: fucking hell you are gorgeous

oh, thank you :3

Anonymous asked: hello hi this is going to sound dumb but what kind of gel do you use

it doesnt sound stupid at all :) I get this question a lot. I dont use gel, I use Syoss or Proffs hairspray :)

another rainy day in Sweden. still tired as fuck after the festival, so braindead selfies is all I can do right now.

(the other tattoo I had done in Blackpool makes a little peek-a-boo in the first pic. and the jacket in the second pic is the one I might sell, after I’ve fixed it up a bit)

the only selfie I took with the mohawk up at rebellion.

Yet another fucking picture of Sofia without credit ….. hallonfrisk

Thanks for the help! I hate when this happens. It’s just annoying to me. I mean, you could just reblog my post? Not take the photo and upload it yourself. Is it the “I want notes”-thing that makes people do this? Because I dont get it. Notes are just notes… who cares really? But credit is credit and should go to the right person.But fortunately there are lots of great people out there (like you Zak) that recognize my stuff and that help me take back the credit! So thanks to all of you!But this photo man, I dont get why it’s so “popular”. My post with this has gotten almost 2k notes I think, and like…it’s just a shitty photo of a part of my jacket and chest?

Anonymous asked: Meaning behind your URL?

Hallonfrisk is two swedish words put together. Hallon= raspberry, frisk=fresh or healthy. I dont know why but for some reason I wrote Hallonfrisk in a notebook a few years ago, then a while later I found it and was like “the fuck did I write that for?”. But I thought it sounded like the name of some really bad tasting soda, and when I started an account on some random site I decided to use it as my username. And it just felt right, so I’ve been using it ever since.

Anonymous asked: I frisking love your piercings they are amazing! 😍

Thank you so much!:3

Tomas <3


i met this lovely couple at rebellion festival

It was really great meeting you! When you said you followed us on tumblr I was all surprised and just kept thinking “but you’re too cool to be following ME on tumblr!” xD And I wanted to give you a hug but I was too shy to ask…
Anyway, I love your look/style/whatever and you were really nice to talk to, so thank you for coming up to us!

When I met fuckshitdamnasshell at Rebellion he told me there was a sticker of the back of my vest on a wall outside Winter Gardens. I never saw it myself, but during Notsensibles someone tapped me on my shoulder and said “I have a surprise for you” and gave me this sticker! It was the artist who made it. Apparently he’s made posters of this photo too that he sells. Guessing he sells the stickers too. Kinda fun anyway!
But I’d still like to get that photo of the sticker on the wall fuckshitdamnasshell ;P if you have it and it’s not too much trouble of course :)


I have a leather jacket that is a biiiiit too short and small for me, but I’m gonna style it anyway and then if I still dont feel comfortable in it I’ll probably sell it to whoever wants it. Since I’ve gotten a lot of messages from people asking if I can make jackets and vests for them, or if I would ever sell any of my own, I thought I’d put it out there that I might be trying to get rid of one soon. Sooooo uhm, yeah. We’ll see what happens!

Anonymous asked: I really love your tattoo a lot and I'm really glad he helped you :) rock on

Thank you so much! :)

At the same time that me and Tomas decided to go to Rebellion, I decided that I was gonna get this tattoo done while we were over there. It’s one that I’ve wanted for many many years, and it is in direct reference to Dead Poets Society and the scene where Robin Williams character quotes Walt Whitman and forces Ethan Hawkes character to sound his yawp in front of the class. That movie, and that scene in particular, has always had a huge impact on me, and I have come to associate yawp with breaking free. Therefore, I have always wanted it tattooed on me, as a reminder to not let my insecurities control me, and stifle me and my spirit.I wanted it to either look like it had been written on a chalkboard like in the movie, or like it had been written on an old, slightly broken typewriter. And I absolutely love how it turned out.
And as it turns out, sadly, my timing with getting this tattoo done couldnt have been more “perfect”. I was so happy this saturday when I had it done, that I finally have it in and on my skin. And I am even more happy about having it done now that I’ve learned of Robin Williams passing. It’s weird how sad I am over a celebrity’s passing… but he wasnt just a celebrity. He was so much more. And his work has had such a central part in my life, and means so much to me. It really, truly feels like an old friend has passed away. But when I look down on my wrist (and yeah I know this sounds cheesy and stuff, but I dont fucking care), I can see him smiling. And it’s like he fills me with strength and inspiration.

R.I.P. Robin Williams

Anonymous asked: Link to your FAQ?