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Me and Tomas was just out on the balcony taking a smoke, and we heard our neighbor talking on the phone, saying that his cock is crawling back inside of him, getting smaller and smaller every day.

Anonymous asked: For us unfortunate English-only speakers, what's the story behind your username? (LOVE your style, by the way)!

Well it’s two Swedish words put together, hallon = raspberry, frisk = fresh. I wrote it down in a notebook a couple of years ago, and I have no idea why. But it kinda sounds like the name of a soda (and maybe that’s where I got it from… I don’t know). Anyway, I saw it when I was looking through my old books and it just kind of felt right, so I started using it as my username here and there.

(And thank you!)

Anonymous asked: Post a link to your FAQ. (I'm on mobile)

Anonymous asked: Do you have an Instagram

Yupsidupsi. It’s hallonfrisk there aswell.

Look at the little kittyyyyyyy
Getting up at 6 in the morning on a Friday is fucking torture.

so here they are!

denim jacket: Kenneth’s “replacement”. took a lot of stuff from the old one, like for example the backpatch (the text is swedish and means “Nothing’s waiting for us, so what are you waiting for?”)
I’ve recently taken some stuff off of it, so thats why it’s so empty in some places. still trying to figure out what to fill in the blank spaces with..
I think 14 or so of the patches were bought at rebellion last year, or were “recycled” from old clothes. everything else is DIY.

fake leather jacket: done some slight changes but all in all it looks the same. everything is DIY.

fake leather vest: everything is DIY except for the rancid patch, biohazard patch and the swedish police’s do not cross-tape thingy.
(‘korv’ is, for those of you who hasnt picked it up off of my blog yet, the swedish word for sausage, and it’s also my favourite word and my nickname)

heart-on reblogged your photo and added:

love and miss you min korv <3

grrr, love and miss you too! like fucking…CRAZY! (läses högt i sann “best candy EVER- anda) <3


my jackets. everything is diy.

I should post new pics of my jackets, because the only one I have left of these is the leather one&#8230; the one at the top (the one I call Kenneth) has retired and some of the stuff on him has gone to my new denim jacket.I&#8217;ve made some changes to my leather jacket, and the vest at the bottom here was almost completely dissected, except for the &#8220;frame&#8221; of it, which I made into a new vest for a friend. But I have a new vest, a fake leather one that I got from my friend Emily. 
Yeah, I should take new photos and post. 

Anonymous asked: Another rebellion festival with our hallonfrisk! yaay!

Anonymous asked: You're such a huge inspiration for me :3 You're the most beautiful girl I have evver see!

*blushes* damn, that is extremely sweet of you! and for some reason this message felt like a warm hug :3 so thank you, thank you, thank you!
I hope you have a great day :)

Anonymous asked: What is your overall opinion on the United States, and do you perceive most Americans to be dumb?

I have absolutely no opinion about the United States or Americans at all, because there’s so much prejudice around them that it’s like impossible to form an opinion. I have never been to the United States and I don’t know any Americans personally. I don’t know I guess I don’t really have an opinion about any country at all except Sweden, because it’s the only one I’ve lived in and truly experienced.
Also, how could I possibly have an opinion about Americans? They are people, humans. We’re not all the same. And I don’t like to generalize.

But I will say this, every now and then things pop up here on tumblr and it makes me think about the differences between Sweden and the USA, and how privileged I’ve been sometimes.
Like last night, there was this post about the food they get in school, and a lot of people had reblogged it with their own stories about moldy cheese and whatnot, and it just seemed insane to me. I mean, in my experience everyone hated the food we had in our schools. But now that I think about it, the only thing we really had to complain about was that there wasn’t enough strawberry jam on pancake-day because the younger kids ate it all before the older kids had their lunch break and the cafeteria ladies didn’t save and distribute the jam “correctly”. Oh, and the same with the bread on soup days (which was more often than not freshly baked bread that was yummmmmmmy).