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Anonymous asked: Just know that I think you're a strong and powerful person, and I have my fingers crossed and hope you make it and things clear up completely

Thank you so much. That really does mean a lot to me. Especially today.

Anonymous asked: tomato soup is disgusting

smaken är som röven, den är klöven.

Anonymous asked: what type of soup do you like?

tomato soup is my absolute favorite. 

Anonymous asked: I hope you feel better, I know it's hard to deal with whatever might be coming down on you but I know you can make it, plus you have all of our support. Many of your other followers and I look up to you so we want to be there to help.

thank you so much <3 I’ve kept this in my inbox and read it a few times, to remind myself that I have amazing followers and people that support me, and it makes me feel really honored. 

I am extremely thankful to all of you <3

Anonymous asked: I really hope you'll make a come back, and that you'll truly be okay

I think I’m starting to feel ready to come back. But I’m not ok yet, not by far. But I’ll get there. 

Oh, and thank you.


Photo by emilypollution

Just…. hi.

I’m uuuh… I’m not really “back” yet. I just… found some time and energy to stop by and show proof of life or whatever. I plan to come back, be more active again. I’m just not sure when that’ll happen.

I have a lot of asks in my inbox, and I’ll answer them as soon as I can. Things are still fucked up and I need my time away from tumblr and other sites. 
I hope you can understand this, and that you’ll be patient.

Anonymous asked: Hey. It sounds a bit weird but... I'm girl and I want to pierce my nipple. I read in your FAQ that you have your nipples pierced and I was wondering how it's like and if it hurts a lot.

It doesnt sound weird at all. I can see why you would ask this question, but I cant really give you an answer.
It’s individual. For some people it hurts a lot, for some not so much. Some only cause trouble, while some heal properly and never cause any problems. Just like with any other piercing.
You cant really know what you’ll get. They only thing you can do is to make sure that you go to a professional piercer and that you take care of the piercing once you’ve had it done. All piercings are little babies that needs to be taken care of. So like I said, make sure you got to a professional piercer. They’ll give you all the information you need, and answer every question you might have (and ask every question you can think of, dont feel ashamed or stupid or whatever. just ask. it’s their job to answer).

All I can say is for me it didnt hurt more than any other piercing I’ve had done. And they’ve never caused any trouble. I just had to be careful when taking clothes off and stuff like that, so I wouldnt get caught in the piercing and accidently pull it or something.
But I absolutely loved my nipple piercings. Sadly, I had to say goodbye to them this week. I hate that I had to take them out, and I will miss them a lot. 

But yeah. It’s all individual.

If you do get a nipple piercing, I hope everything works out for you and that you will be just as happy with it as I was with mine! 


Hej då.

I haven’t updated much lately, been kinda busy and just haven’t felt like taking pics and stuff.
And now some stuff has happened and… I think I’m gonna take a break from tumblr. Again. I just, I know I won’t have any energy or interest in anything for a while, except for just… trying to survive and not falling back into old habits of self destruction. So yeah.

I’m really sorry, especially to all my new followers. I just don’t have anything to offer you right now.

I’ll try to answer every ask I get, but if it takes me a while please know that it’s nothing personal, I just… have some shit to deal with.

So uhm. Goodbye I guess.

My life is shit at the moment but at least I might be getting a new phone on Wednesday so that’s something.

Anonymous asked: I was wondering how you are so confident cos I just started a new school and kinda struggling with confidence atm..?

Oh… Well I don’t know really. I’m not confident at all when it comes to school and that whole environment… Never have been. I don’t function in school in any way. So I usually just fake it and ignore everyone and try to get out of there as fast as I can…
I know how it is to start a new school and I’m really sorry, I wish I had some good advice for you but I don’t :/ I’m so sorry I wish I could be of more help.
I mean in general I just try to focus on all the things I like about myself, and all the things that other people seem to appreciate me for… That usually helps.

Maybe some of my followers have some better advice to give?