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I just managed to slip and put a fucking safetypin THROUGH my fucking nail and into the flesh on my thumb. So. Much. Pain.

Anonymous asked: You make me moist

Anonymous asked: Punk is in my blood. My dad was one and thanks to him I got into it a long time ago when I was still really young. Anyways through the years I became fond od metal music and have attended a few concerts and became a metalhead but there was something missing the whole time and a couple of weeks ago i realised it was punk. My question is, is it okay for me to be both a metalhead and a punk? Because as much as i found myself as a metalhead, punk is a bigger part of me and something very special.

Of course it’s ok! You have the right to be whoever you want to be! And no one is “less punk” or “less metal” just because they listen to other music aswell. In my opinion at least. You can be a punk metalhead if you want to, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, because it’s who you are. The only “wrong” thing would be to suppress one side of you just to “fit in” with a certain community. Just be who you are and do whatever you want!

More photos from last years Rebellion! The mohawk looks nice even though the wind destroyed it, but I should not have worn that shirt… it’s too tight and I’m showing half my boob xD but I like that I’m dead serious in one photo and smiling in the other.

Photo: Mark Shuttleworth

Tomas and Brody <3

Tomas&#8217; new jacket. I made the stencil for the skull, then Tomas did the right one and I did the left, and I added small details by hand on both.

and here’s how the jacket looks on me (excuse the ugly face). I really need to add something on the front right side (my left, under the badges) because it looks so fucking empty.

So here’s the progress I’ve made so far on the jacket I talked about here

When I first started I used a kind of paint I havent worked with before, and it fucking suuuuuucked! As soon as it dried it started to peel off, insanely much. My whole body and every inch of my apartment was covered in small white flakes of paint.
So I had to go over everything again with a proper paint, but I left the back as it is because I kinda like how old and worn down it looks (I sprayed a thin layer of hairspray on top of it so it doesnt peel off anymore).
Now I’m just debating whether or not to put red lines comingt out from behind the skull, to get some color in there.
Other than maybe doing that, I dont think I’ll add any more to the jacket, because I kind of want it simple and clean. And if I do sell it I want there to be space for whoever buys it to put their own touch on it.

Anonymous asked: I aspire to be as punk as you are, holy shit

Haha, thank you!

Anonymous asked: Hey, you're really in my honest opinion one of the coolest people I have ever found on Tumblr, you are just such an inspiration to me to work hard and tough it out even though being a punk is all the glamorous and stick to what I need to believe. I just wanted to say that I think you're pretty fucking amazing, and you should not, even for a minute, forget it

Thank you so so much! I dont really know what to say… I’m just extremely thankful and I feel really honored to have inspired you in some way. I mean that is just the best compliment ever! So thank you, again :)


so different
so wow
so hipster

the fuck?

Anonymous asked: You're the kind of human I aspire to be like You're so fucking cool and beautiful

thank you so much!! 

Anonymous asked: Hey! I dont know you but I wish I had the confidence to get my own style...but if I had a mohawk id have it shorter because it must make going through doors a real bitch :)

well, maybe you need to get your own style to be able to get the confidence you need? I know that I had zero fucking confidence when I was younger and started dressing different, but like I had to do it because it was almost a survival startegy. I was already depressed and on the verge of giving up, and if I had continued to look “normal” and done what everybody else did, if I had tried to be someone I’m not and denied who I truly am, I wouldnt have had the strength to go on living.
so I say go for it! do whatever you want to do! it may be scary but denying who you truly are is no way to live.

and the doors thing really isnt that hard :P you get used to it. and there’s almost always someone around that gets a laugh out of it :)

managed to find a photo from last year that I havent seen before either. Tomas, me and Robin!
photo: CJGriffiths Photography