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Bombing you guys with some pics of me and Tomas (in chronological order even! I think…) because today is our 4 years anniversary, so I have the right to.
Fucking love this man so much!

Having a discussion with someone on facebook about spanking as a therapy and as a fetish. This person (among other things) said ” Idk.. I just kind of blame these lifestyles for partner violence.. it’s not a gender issue, it’s more of a bdsm issue IMO…”.
This person also said that a hard smack on the butt is abusive. Even if it is consensual.

I dont know, I’m just getting really frustrated. And I guess I’m not the right person to be carrying on this conversation, since I’m not as educated in the matter as I’d like to be.
But I couldnt just shut up, the things this person wrote was just so disrespectful.
Everybody has the right to their opinion, and obviously this person is not into spanking or anything like that. But I just dont think you have the right to talk like that about a lifestyle that you dont understand and havent even tried to educate yourself about.

But maybe I should just shut up. This person obviously doesnt understand what I’m trying to say, and maybe what I’m saying is inaccurate and I’m actually causing more harm than good. I dont know.

looking utterly normal and boring today. way too tired to try and look good. 

Haha, emilypollution found this patch on etsy, and it looks an awful lot like the photo she took of me and Tomas at the beach in Blackpool 2012, dont you think? Kinda funny :P

Anonymous asked: You're wonderful, never forget it!

Thank you dear anon! :)

Anonymous asked: Are you going to Rebellion this year?


Anonymous asked: You so damn attractive. I would pay to touch you (not in a dirty way, just like hold your hand or something)

Hahahah! Thank you :P that’s actually kinda sweet of you :)

Anonymous asked: Have you been afraid of looking like.. 'Shit', when you cut your mohawk for the first time? (Btw i love your hair )

Nope. I have never really been scared of my hair looking like shit. At least not when it comes to the style of it. I usually only worry when it comes to trying a new dye.
When I was a kid and went to the hairdresser’s I’d wish that they would fuck something up so that I’d end up with a really weird haircut. So when I finally started playing around with my hair I wasnt worried, just excited. And I shaved my head completely long before I got a mohawk, so like, I had already done what (for me anyway) felt like the most extreme I could do.

yesterdays sillyface. I’ll be going to my family’s cabin soon! Just waiting for my aunt to pick us up :) I’ll be back on sunday! 

yuckbucket replied to your photo “Found this old photo that I had forgotten about. I dont really know…”

Wow, are you wearing makeup in this photo? Your skin is flawless and contoured perfectly…!

First of all, thank you! That’s one of the reasons I like that photo so much. 
And no, I’m not wearing any makeup. I never really did back then. I’d wear mascara at the most, every now and then. But I never really felt the need for more makeup. I dont think I knew how lucky I was… -.-

Anonymous asked: For how many years do you have your mohawk now?

uhm, not that long. 5 years I think.

Found this old photo that I had forgotten about. I dont really know why, but I really like it. I wish my face still looked like this. I see a huge difference between then (2010) and now, and I dont like it. Take me back (but let me keep my hair the way it is now), please.


The Vibrators - Baby Baby

Pure Mania. 1977

hollislevi33 asked: Your pic with normal blonde hair is so much better than that spiked hair bullshit