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Anonymous asked: Are you going to Rebellion this year?


Anonymous asked: You so damn attractive. I would pay to touch you (not in a dirty way, just like hold your hand or something)

Hahahah! Thank you :P that’s actually kinda sweet of you :)

Anonymous asked: Have you been afraid of looking like.. 'Shit', when you cut your mohawk for the first time? (Btw i love your hair )

Nope. I have never really been scared of my hair looking like shit. At least not when it comes to the style of it. I usually only worry when it comes to trying a new dye.
When I was a kid and went to the hairdresser’s I’d wish that they would fuck something up so that I’d end up with a really weird haircut. So when I finally started playing around with my hair I wasnt worried, just excited. And I shaved my head completely long before I got a mohawk, so like, I had already done what (for me anyway) felt like the most extreme I could do.

yesterdays sillyface. I’ll be going to my family’s cabin soon! Just waiting for my aunt to pick us up :) I’ll be back on sunday! 

yuckbucket replied to your photo “Found this old photo that I had forgotten about. I dont really know…”

Wow, are you wearing makeup in this photo? Your skin is flawless and contoured perfectly…!

First of all, thank you! That’s one of the reasons I like that photo so much. 
And no, I’m not wearing any makeup. I never really did back then. I’d wear mascara at the most, every now and then. But I never really felt the need for more makeup. I dont think I knew how lucky I was… -.-

Anonymous asked: For how many years do you have your mohawk now?

uhm, not that long. 5 years I think.

Found this old photo that I had forgotten about. I dont really know why, but I really like it. I wish my face still looked like this. I see a huge difference between then (2010) and now, and I dont like it. Take me back (but let me keep my hair the way it is now), please.


The Vibrators - Baby Baby

Pure Mania. 1977

hollislevi33 asked: Your pic with normal blonde hair is so much better than that spiked hair bullshit


Anonymous asked: you're a beautiful person and I think you're amazing. if you're having a hard time, just know that it does get better in the end, so if it's not better, it's not the end. keep your head up and stay great. :-))

Thank you so much! It’s kind of hard to believe that things will get better sometimes, but right now I feel like things are looking up :)

Anonymous asked: I'm serious though, you are like the coolest person ever! I've followed your tumblr for awhile now and you always have the coolest stuff! I understand you have your problems and your struggles but trust me I'll totally be here to help, I just want you to be okay because you've been such a heavy influence on my life in punk that it'd be a shame to see you go out like that

Wow… I dont really know what to say… thank you so much! This was very sweet and kind, and it means a lot to me to have followers like you. Thank you for sending me this message. And I’m honored to have been an influence in your life! I mean that is just insane and awesome and just… yeah. Thank you so much, yet again! I really appreciate your support dear anon <3

putting my mohawk up gave me a much needed confidence boost. felt kinda cute! even without makeup :P 
(and yes, my double snakebites are gone. two died after an &#8220;incident&#8221;, and the other two I decided to take out because I felt like it was time for a big change (it was a big change for me…))
it&#8217;s fucking impossible to take a photo that shows how my mohawk actually looks. it&#8217;s much more fucked up in real life, and much yummier. 
Had a lovely day with emilypollution today! Helped her put her trihawk up, and spent some time by the lake. Fucking perfect! I love this girl so much &lt;3

Just finished putting up my mohawk, for the first time in a couple of months.

Honestly, it’s fucking trash. It’s not even a mohawk anymore, it’s a joke.
But I still fucking love it.

Pics in a while, maybe.