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so different
so wow
so hipster

the fuck?

Anonymous asked: You're the kind of human I aspire to be like You're so fucking cool and beautiful

thank you so much!! 

Anonymous asked: Hey! I dont know you but I wish I had the confidence to get my own style...but if I had a mohawk id have it shorter because it must make going through doors a real bitch :)

well, maybe you need to get your own style to be able to get the confidence you need? I know that I had zero fucking confidence when I was younger and started dressing different, but like I had to do it because it was almost a survival startegy. I was already depressed and on the verge of giving up, and if I had continued to look “normal” and done what everybody else did, if I had tried to be someone I’m not and denied who I truly am, I wouldnt have had the strength to go on living.
so I say go for it! do whatever you want to do! it may be scary but denying who you truly are is no way to live.

and the doors thing really isnt that hard :P you get used to it. and there’s almost always someone around that gets a laugh out of it :)

managed to find a photo from last year that I havent seen before either. Tomas, me and Robin!
photo: CJGriffiths Photography






the mohawk is up again. 


When I approach a door I sing “everybody get up singing 1, 2, 3, 4, Five will make you get down now” and then I bend my knees a lot and walk real weird while making some cool 90’s dance moves.

I was curious as well haha 
She’s my hero

How do you even get it up tho


and a lot of emotional support from my boyfriend, haha. it always looks like shit until I’ve finished with the whole thing, and I want to cry and give up like every other minute because it’s so hard and frustrating and it hurts my arms when I try to reach the tips. but as long as I stick with it it usually ends up looking good, even though it’s far from perfect
found a photo of me and Emily at Rebellion. 
photo: Two Old Birds With Cameras
I’v become adicted to rings. Especially big ones. It’s becoming a problem. I mean, I’ve even taken 4 rings off in this photo…

Anonymous asked: fucking hell you are gorgeous

oh, thank you :3

Anonymous asked: hello hi this is going to sound dumb but what kind of gel do you use

it doesnt sound stupid at all :) I get this question a lot. I dont use gel, I use Syoss or Proffs hairspray :)

another rainy day in Sweden. still tired as fuck after the festival, so braindead selfies is all I can do right now.

(the other tattoo I had done in Blackpool makes a little peek-a-boo in the first pic. and the jacket in the second pic is the one I might sell, after I’ve fixed it up a bit)

the only selfie I took with the mohawk up at rebellion.

Yet another fucking picture of Sofia without credit ….. hallonfrisk

Thanks for the help! I hate when this happens. It’s just annoying to me. I mean, you could just reblog my post? Not take the photo and upload it yourself. Is it the “I want notes”-thing that makes people do this? Because I dont get it. Notes are just notes… who cares really? But credit is credit and should go to the right person.But fortunately there are lots of great people out there (like you Zak) that recognize my stuff and that help me take back the credit! So thanks to all of you!But this photo man, I dont get why it’s so “popular”. My post with this has gotten almost 2k notes I think, and like…it’s just a shitty photo of a part of my jacket and chest?

Anonymous asked: Meaning behind your URL?

Hallonfrisk is two swedish words put together. Hallon= raspberry, frisk=fresh or healthy. I dont know why but for some reason I wrote Hallonfrisk in a notebook a few years ago, then a while later I found it and was like “the fuck did I write that for?”. But I thought it sounded like the name of some really bad tasting soda, and when I started an account on some random site I decided to use it as my username. And it just felt right, so I’ve been using it ever since.

Anonymous asked: I frisking love your piercings they are amazing! 😍

Thank you so much!:3

Tomas <3