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Anonymous asked: This might sound kinda stupid but I want to add studs and patches and stuff to my fake leather vest and jacket and my denim jacket but I'm only 15 and my parents won't let me cap they're quite strict. I've put badges on but what else is there I could do that's not so permanent?

well a safe bet is always safetypins. and you can use them to put patches on temporarily and then take them off when your parents are around :P and I dont know maybe you could ease your parents in to it? have maybe one row of small studs by the pockets or something? just so they see that the presence of some studs wont ruin your life or give your family a bad name or whatever? :P
I dont know I’m really bad at giving advice, and my parents were mostly ok with my clothes when I was young so I cant say that I have any experience of your situation. 
but yeah, putting on patches with safetypins is one thing you could do. 

dear followers, do you have any other advice to give this anon?

Anonymous asked: Have you ever considered making punk jackets and vests as a clothing line? You have the best homemade jackets I've ever seen and you seriously have the potential to create a REALLY successful business! I'd buy like 10 you are seriously talented xxx

haha, thank you so much!! :D I’ve actually been asked this many times before. I was once offered a looooot of money to design a jacket for this guy, but I just couldnt do it.  
It would be a fun way to make money, because I love studding and styling jackets. But at the same time it goes against my whole view on punk jackets and vests. I just think that they look so much better when you put your personality into them, when it’s your own hands that create them. A store bought leather or denim jacket/vest (with studs and patches and so on) can look good, but I think that the truly awesome jackets are personal and all DIY.
So even if I got pointers and lists of things to put on the jacket/vest to make it personal, it wouldnt look the same as if that person had made it on their own. It wouldnt look as good, in my opinion. 
And if I’m not making it for myself then I dont have as much inspiration,creativity and drive, and so they would probably all end up looking the same. And I just.. no, I couldnt do that. I myself would never buy an already “styled” leather or denim punk jacket/vest, and so it would just feel wrong to make one for the purpose of making money. And making jacket after jacket after vest after vest that basically all look the same would feel even more wrong, and be incredibly boring.
And if I made the jackets/vests according to my own personality then I wouldnt be able to let any of them go xD I would just refuse to sell them and end up broke :P 

But me and my boyfriend used to talk about that it would be awesome to have a café with a DIY corner where you could pay a fee to use the materials at hand, or you could bring your own, and you could just eat cookies and drink coffee and hang out with old and new friends and like, fuel each others creativity and inspire each other. And also have a small stage for gigs in like the basement, and another corner where people could dye their hair (since a lot of parents and landlords get really cranky over dye stains and stuff).
It would be like a punk community, but no one would actually live there. It would be a business, like a cosy “café” with really long opening hours, across the street from the local grocery store or something :P I mean it would basically be impossible to make it work, but it would be nice. 

Anyway, thank you again! It’s always nice to know that others like what you make :) 

aaaand I put some more studs on my vest. 

put some more chains on my belts. 
you’ll have to excuse my butt though, it’s not very photogenic today.

So fucking disappointed, and slightly pissed off, about today’s events. I keep thinking that it was all such a fucking waste of my time, and that I could have spent it doing something FUN instead. And thinking that has for some reason made me scream this inside my head for a few hours now : “I COULD HAVE BEEN AT A BARBEQUE! But noooooo”. (Gold star if you get the reference. Or something.)

pipedreamexplosion asked: Is it possible that all these anons have forgotten that punk is about doing what YOU want and not caring about what other people think of you? Just because your hair isn't a matted mess doesn't make you 'less punk'. Bunch of cunts.

my sentiments exactly!

I feel like I just turned into a completely different person xD 

Anonymous asked: Is it possible that your looks matter more to you than the true meaning of punk? Watch out not to destroy your perfect mohawk in the next pit you will avoid..

Feel better now? Or do you need me to have some huge emotional response so that you can feel saitisfied?

for the anon who asked to see me with my hair combed down with a centre parting….

like I said, hella awful xD I’ll probably delete this later on

Boring day. Lots to do, no energy to do it. I just want to sleep.

Anonymous asked: Could you put up a selfie of your Mohawk combed down with a centre parting? Sounds strage, just want to see if it looks similar to mine! You seem like a truly wonderful person! :)

Haha! I can assure you, it will look hella awful! But I’ll have to do it tomorrow, after I’ve taken a shower. Right now my hair is a big ball of fluff so it’s kind of impossible, and I’m off to bed so you’ll have to wait :)

Anonymous asked: while talking about what punk is... what is it to you? to me its fuck everyone and fuck rules about how u should look to "be accapted" and there r no rules for how u have to be, look like or listen to..

Basically that for me aswell.  
Punk for me is freedom. Total fucking freedom to be who you are. It’s not a set of rules. It’s not a style I’ve adapted simply because I think it looks good. It’s beeing free. 

I’ve been told that I dress punk to get attention, that because I have a mohawk and studs and patches and so on, and look pretty much like a stereotypical punk, that I’m just doing it for the label itself. That I’m trying to “follow the rules” so that others will call me punk.
But I really dont care about labels. Even though getting hate is always tough, and it brings me down sometimes, I really dont give a shit if people call me punk or emo or poser or whatever. Because in the end, as I’ve said many times before, whatever label THEY give me in THEIR world, I’ll proudly wear it. Because they can call me names and give me labels, but they cant take away my pride. Their labels wont change who I am, what I identify as, and how I live my life. It is and always will be nothing more than their name for me. And when they throw it at me, I will stand tall. 

And I really dont try to dress or act punk. I’m really just trying to survive. I have a hard enough time living in this world as it is. If I wasnt true to myself I wouldnt make it. I am who I am. I’m not changing myself for others, holding back or faking or anything. And I’m not hiding behind a mask. If I did, it would kill me. 
So I look the way I do because it’s who I am, not because I’m trying to look punk. If I was trying to look punk, if I was forcing myself to follow some imaginary rules, I wouldnt be free. And I wouldnt be punk.

So yeah, punk is freedom.

Anonymous asked: Why would people hate on that pic? Its an adorable pic.

Ah well you see, if you look at the bottom of my sleeve, it says “KORV”, which is my favorite word and also my nickname. But someone geniously thought that it said “KORN” and therefore added a text to the pic that said “nothing says punk like Korn”. After that there was a lot of “ugly dyke poser idiots go kill yourself” talk. There were also some people that said we werent punk because our mohawks were “too perfect” and in their minds you’re supposed to have the shittiest mohawk possible to be a “real punk”.

No one seemed to notice that the R in the supposed KORN was facing the right way, and that the N they assumed was there, would have had to be facing the wrong way, for it to actually say Korn. And last time I checked Korn spelled their name with a left facing R and all other letters facing the right way.
But people are quick to judge and hate these days, so I wasnt really surprised, but still pissed off.
Because I mean, so what if I listened to Korn? Does that mean I deserve to be called names and get told to kill myself? Personally I dont like Korn, and I dont listen to them. But even if I did, I dont think it would make me any less punk. In my opinion, you dont have to ONLY listen to punk music to be a punk.

All these fucking “rules” people seem to have on “how to be a punk” are so fucking ridiculous and pathetic and more and more it makes me want to distance myself from identifying as a punk. But I’d rather die than let some assholes tell me what and who I am or change what punk means to me. So fuck ‘em all.   


emilypollution and hallonfrisk <3

photo by Cherry Sander
I got a bit worried at first when I was tagged in this, because I started looking through the notes expecting a lot of hate. Ever since the facebook thing surrounding this pic, I always associate it with hate. Which is pretty sad, because this is a cute pic of me and Emily, and I actually think it’s like the first. ever pic of just the two of us.
Anyway, I only found signs of looooove in the notes. So I’d just like to thank everyone that liked, reblogged or even just scrolled by this post, because with your help, this pic might soon not be associated with hate anymore for me. Thank you for giving it back to me.