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Prepare yourselves for some ugly

No but uhm, I have decided to let the hair on the sides of my head grow back out. Only until it’s like 10 cm, then I’ll re-shave and re-shape my mohawk, and style it as a trihawk until the sidehawks are long enough to go into the “main mohawk”.
During this time I will also try to not bleach my hair, just to give it a break and to see what my natural hair color actually looks like nowadays.
So yeah, all in all I’m gonna look like shit for a while :P

Vi gör varandra fria.


First day of school and I oversleep and miss an important meeting.. Greeeeeat job Sofia -.-

Anonymous asked: how do you do that to your hair it's perf

Haha, thank you!
“Short” answer: I brush my hair and then I start from the front and make my way back taking a chunk of hair at a time. I brush it again, pull it up, spread it out with my fingers, spray hairspray on it and then blow on it with a hairdryer so that the hairspray stiffens. And I just repeat that until the entire mohawk is up.

Anonymous asked: Is it me or does it seem like a lot of words in both the English and Swedish language sound the same? Just spelled differently

It’s not just you :) We have “borrowed” a lot from the English language, aswell as other languages. But yeah, I often feel like some Swedish words sounds like badly pronounced English words :P so I agree.

Anonymous asked: so finally the jacket is good for you ?

finally? good for me? am I sensing some attitude here?

added some stuff to the jacket. 

Anonymous asked: What does that "BD"-button mean on your new jacket?

It means Broder Daniel (broder= brother). It’s a swedish indiepop band that I was fucking crazy about when I was 15 (that’s when I bought the badge), and I still love their music.

Another sneaky photo from Rebellion!


this is an appreciation post for anyone who has ever tolerated me

(via martin--munster)

Anonymous asked: Be careful that your thumb doesnt get infected. If a pimple or similar appears under your nail, go to the doctor to get it checked

I will keep an eye on it! I’m completely paranoid about that stuff so I guess that can be benifitial in this case. Thanks for the concern! 

Anonymous asked: oh my god is your thumb okay are you okay

yeah it’s ok it just hurts like heeeeeell and it’s kind of gotten numb all the way down to the “bottom” of the thumb. but it looks normal, so that’s good. and I cried like a baby for a good while but I’m ok now :P thanks for caring! <3

I just managed to slip and put a fucking safetypin THROUGH my fucking nail and into the flesh on my thumb. So. Much. Pain.

Anonymous asked: You make me moist

Anonymous asked: It's SO COOL you came to my town for Rebellion!! I love seeing all the different people in town on the weekend, I just wish I had the money to attend myself

Haha, I love it too! I hope you can afford attending sometime, it’s really awesome!